Netent and Red Tiger Gaming

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The online gambling world is filled with a lot of interesting companies. These companies help create games and casino software that allows players to enjoy different casino games on the internet. You can find out more about casino game providers, simply go on ahead to check out .

In addition to that, since online gambling has become a huge success and a lot of players are continuously signing up daily, new game providers are springing up. With these new additions, the competition among who is best is becoming fiercer, only the strong survive. Visit spring-strategies for more.

Overview of Netent

In the online gambling world, Netent is a big name brand that has been in the game for a long time. Because of the massive experience the company has, it has created a huge portfolio of games that cut across all kinds of casino games in the industry.

Some of the games developed by this company come in different variations as well as playing style. The games from Netent are categorized differently, some are online slots, table games, live dealer games, or even speciality casino games. Impressively, all the games available for free play and on mobile.

Overview of Red Tiger Gaming

Another name making waves in the online gambling industry is the Red Tiger Gaming brand, It was founded in 2014, which means it is among the newer generations of online casino software developers. For this reason, it does not yet have a very big game collection in the industry.

Even though the company does not have a huge portfolio like the oldies in the industry, they are still able to compete and some of their games are available at top online casinos. To add to that, Red Tiger Gaming is one of the best new online casino developers.

The Acquisition of Red Tiger Gaming

After operating independently for five years in the business, Red Tiger Gaming was acquired by Netent in 2019. Prior to the acquisition, the company has created a host of top-notch online casino games that are available for mobile players, whether you are using the IOS or Android operating systems.

After the acquisition was completed, Netent became the legal owner of all Red Tiger Gaming intellectual properties, which includes their games and casino software. But, this is great news for players because they are set to enjoy interesting releases from two of the top brands in the online gambling industry.


Summary and Conclusion

Moving forward, with Netent's large portfolio of online casinos and games combined with Red Tiger Gaming fresh ideas, we can only expect mind-blowing titles soon. As a result, staying updated is important, we can do so by subscribing to news about Netent releases and anything that relates to them.

To sum it up, playing Netent games has always been interesting because they always come with exciting features that make it easy for players to enjoy. Together with that, there are numerous rewards, features, and exclusive bonuses that come with playing online casino games developed by the Netent brand.

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